Adams Tartan

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The Adams tartan is very similar to the traditional green colored tartans available in the market but uses more colors to make the fabric brighter. The Adams tartan has been made from both fine and pure wool and even silk or it can also be customized as per the requirements of the customer. The Adams tartan has different styles and textures but ensures that the base colors remain constant. It is these base colors which actually contribute to the difference of this tartan from others and thus gives it a different appeal. The green color is ideally suited for various occasions and can be worn during the evening and the morning times for both men and women.

The colors used in the tartan include green, royal blue, dark red, dark brown, light grey and black. Thus this fabric has been given colors that can be used for kilts, trousers, shirts, skirts, shirt dresses and various other styles also. The Adams tartan can also be made to order and a material apart from wool or silk can also be used, with the costs going up higher for customized fabrics. However this bright colored tartan includes a fine blend of all the above shades for creating a spectacular tartan.

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